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Yogi Govt Waives Off 5 Years Of Pending Traffic Challans


Yogi Govt Waives Off 5 Years Of Pending Traffic Challans

In a major reprieve to the vehicle owners charged with violating traffic rules, the Uttar Pradesh government on Friday announced the cancellation of pending challans of all vehicles from the year 2017-2021, a press release from the Chief Minister’s office said.

“Uttar Pradesh government has cancelled the challan of the vehicle owners in the state, giving concession to the owners who have not paid the challan between 1 January 2017, and 31 December 2021. This applies to all vehicles, including those pending in various courts”, the official statement said. Transport Commissioner Chandra Bhushan Singh instructed all divisional transport officers to withdraw these challans from the portal once they receive the court’s list of abated cases, it said.

“This decision by the UP government will provide tremendous relief to the general public. This decision by CM Yogi Adityanath has been welcomed by lakhs of vehicle owners, particularly those who were previously charged with violating traffic rules. The government has issued instructions to all divisional transport offices to remove pending challans from the e-challan portal after receiving the court’s list”, it added.

As per the statement, the transport Commissioner further said that this cancellation of old pending challans is in accordance with Uttar Pradesh Ordinance No 2 of June 2023.

“It is notable that farmers in Noida were protesting for the cancellation of such challans. This move paves the way for the waiver of crore of challans across Uttar Pradesh”, added the statement.

It informed that if drivers believe that a wrong challan has been issued, they can also file a complaint directly on the website. A mobile notification is also sent when a vehicle’s challan is deducted, ensuring prompt communication.

“Following the cancellation of old pending challans, the drivers should not panic after this period. They can fill online traffic challans while sitting at home. Detailed information can be obtained by visiting the official website of UP Traffic Police, and for this, only the vehicle number is required,” the statement informed.


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