with less then 200 daily cases in last two days, Jharkhand’s Covid curve begins to flatten

The Jharkhand government has heaved a sigh of relief after the curve of coronavirus cases has started to flatten. The state has registered a dip of around 60 per cent in Covid-19 cases in comparison to the month of November 2020. The statistics were furnished by the health department. Coronavirus cases in the stare were at the peak in September. However, in the last two days, daily positive cases have been well within the 200-mark.

Jharkhand health minister Banna Gupta said that even after festivals, the situation is under control, adding that the declining trends are really motivating. “However, we are ready for the second wave also. The government hospitals are ready. The doctors now have the exposure to deal with the situation. We have already launched a campaign and awareness drive to disseminate the message that people should contact the hospital if they feel unwell. The cost of RT-PCR test has gone down considerably. Just pay Rs 800 and get a test done if there is any suspicion,” Banna Gupta said.

Former Indian Medical Association (IMA) national vice president Dr Ajay said natural factors like lifestyle, customs, values, taste, attitude, green lush environment and clean surrounding in Jharkhand has also played an important role in keeping the virus at bay.

“The tribals clean and wipe there house every two days with cow dung, they wear clean clothes, have self-cooked food, they are not very social and houses in rural areas are located at distance. There is enough distance between one house and other in villages of Jharkhand. Their immunity is also good compared to others since they live with nature and have natural things,” he said.

A total of 11,11,955 samples were tested in October and 8,16,521 samples were tested in November. It means Covid-19 testing too declined by 26.56 per cent in November in comparison to October.

In November 7,390 people tested positive for the virus in the state, whereas, 18,110 cases were detected in October.

Covid-19 positivity rate — the number of cases reported among the total samples tested — in these two months, however, indicated that the spread of the infection slowed down further in November. It dropped to 0.90 per cent in November from 1.62 per cent in October. It was around 5 per cent in August and September.

Jharkhand has reported over 1,09,000 cases of coronavirus so far. Out of these, 1,07,000 have already been cured, leaving around 2,000 active cases. The recovery rate in the rare is above 97 per cent.

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