William Penn: William Penn launches Cashew smart wallet at Rs 11,999 – Times of India

William Penn has launched Cashew smart wallet at a price tag of Rs 11,999. The company claims that it is the world’s first smart wallet with fingerprint authentication and smartphone connectivity. The smart wallet can stay connected to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth.
The wallet connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and your phone alerts you every time you forget or leave your wallet behind. The RFID-protected Cashew wallet locks with an electronic latch and will only unlock through authorised fingerprint recognition, claims William Penn. You can store upto 20 fingerprints so you can share your wallet with family members if you’d like to. The company also claims that if someone tries to tamper with the latch, a notification is immediately sent on your phone.
In case of loss or theft, you can mark your Cashew wallet as “lost” on the free mobile app. The wallet’s free mobile app also records its last location so you can retrace your steps to find your wallet in case it gets misplaced. The “Buzz my Cashew” feature on the app makes your wallet ring and you can follow the sound to find your misplaced wallet.
William Penn claims that the Cashew smart wallet lasts for up to four months without charging and can be fast-charged with the battery charger unit that is included.

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