Why is Kavita Kaushik not interested in interviews after walking out of Bigg Boss 14?

Bigg Boss 14 viewers were left shocked after she walked out of the house following an ugly fight with Rubina Dilaik. Kavita hasn’t spoken to any media after her exit from the show. Now, the actress took to Twitter and share that she doesn’t care to give explanations. She said that she would have stayed back if she “cared to give more explanation”.


Kavita Kaushik Tweeted, “Dear YouTubers n those messaging n calling for interviews pls know that if I cared to give more explanations I would’ve stayed back n not walked out at will, you can go ahead n write or say anything, just if you paint me bad don’t just stop at that, make me the devil cheers (sic).”

On Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, Kavita Kaushik and Rubina Dilaik got into an ugly fight. Rubina lashed out at the FIR actress for asking personal questions to her and Abhinav. Kavita threatened Rubina that she will show her who is the real boss when she meets her outside the Bigg Boss house. Rubina didn’t take this threat lightly and entered into a heated argument with Kavita. They got physically close to each other while fighting.


During the fight, Kavita also threatened Rubina to reveal some very personal and embarrassing things about Abhinav. Kavita asked Rubina, “Do you know your husband’s truth?” To which, Rubina replied, “Himmat hai to bol (Speak up if you have the courage).” Kavita said that she will speak once outside the house. Abhinav stood beside Rubina and asked, “What will you tell?” However, he did not interfere much between the two.


Bigg Boss had earlier said that the contestants were welcome to walk out after he had chided them for being non-entertaining. Kavita made use of this to exit the house and stormed out as she decided not to be in the same house with Rubina and Abhinav.

After Kavita Kaushik stormed out of Bigg Boss 14 house, her husband Ronnit Biswas took to Twitter to reveal Abhinav Shukla’s alcohol problem. He even wrote that the actor used to get drunk and call and message Kavita to meet at odd hours and Kavita had to call the cops. He also shared that Abhinav had begged them to give their house to shoot for his film.

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