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“Who Was He Before KGF?”: Allu Aravind’s Shocking Comment About Yash


“Who Was He Before KGF?”: Allu Aravind’s Shocking Comment About Yash

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The Indian actor Yash whose real name is Navin Kumar Gowda is one of the most famous actors of the country in the present times. He was a popular actor in the Kannada film industry but it won’t be wrong to say that huge credit goes to the KGF series in making him a pan-India star. 

Recently, the famous producer Allu Aravind who is father of popular actor and National Award winner Allu Arjun attended an event in which he talked about the impact of lead actor’s fee in the budget of the movie and the actors increasing their remuneration after the movie becomes a hit. 

Allu Aravind stated, “A person who is the lead actor in a movie, gets 20 to 25 percent of the amount of that movie in the form of remuneration. However, it cannot be said that the budget of the movie will increase only because of their remuneration. Irrespective of who the actors are, investments are made there because the movie should be made big.”

During the discussion, Allu Aravind took Yash’s name and made a shocking statement, he said, “Who was Yash before the release of the KGF movie? Why did that movie make noise? He lifted the movie up because of the making and grandeur. It was that richness that led to the success of the movie. This is just one example. Whoever the hero of the movie is, it is because of the making that it attracts the audience. The moment a big artist is chosen, the movie will not win. It is also important to give quality.”

It will be interesting to see how Yash reacts to this statement.

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