Wear masks, coronavirus may cause long-term erectile dysfunction in men, warns expert

As countries across the world continue to await a coronavirus vaccine amid the battle against the novel coronavirus crisis, experts say that even a mild case of the virus can cause long-term complications.

Although treatments have improved and a vaccine is on the way, people need to be aware of the virus-related complications, including the possibility of “erectile dysfunction”.

Infectious disease expert Dr Dena Grayson has recently warned all not to let the guards down as the world waits for a vaccine.

“Men could have long-term issues of erectile dysfunction from this virus because we know that it causes issues in the vasculature… This is something that is of real concern. It’s not just that this virus can kill you but can actually cause long-term, lifelong, potentially, complications,” Grayson was quoted as saying earlier this week.

There are now fears the disease could affect a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom even after they have recovered, according to reports.

Although the majority of people seem to recover from Covid-19, Grayson warned they expect to see more “long term negative consequences of infection”, as time goes on, including neurological complications.

Countries see surge in cases

Earlier, Dr Anthony Fauci warned that the US was facing a “surge upon a surge” of cases that will likely continue to mount.

Meanwhile, Europe is also seeing a surge in coronavirus cases despite the retaining wall of measures erected since the spring, according to a PTI report. Most countries are ramping up screening of people in a bid to prevent spread by asymptomatic virus carriers.

With 36,011 fresh infections, India, too, recorded a total 96,44,222 cases on Sunday morning. Around 482 fresh deaths in the past 24 hours have taken the total number of deaths to 1,40,182. Active coronavirus cases in the country now stand at 4,03,248, with 91,00,792 discharged. Some 41,970 people have been discharged in the past 24 hours.

While people are being continuously warned to stay safe and alert, it seems, there is a new reason to wear masks!

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