Twitter 2FA authentication: Twitter users can now use physical security key 2FA authentication on their Android and iOS devices – Times of India

There are several ways to setup a two-factor authentication (2FA) and among many others, the most secure option is the use of an actual, physical security key which contains a security code and requires users to plug it in while signing into the account. Twitter has now announced that the 2FA using physical security key can now be used with devices running Android and iOS operating systems.
The physical security key support for 2FA authentication has been there in Twitter for two years now, however, it only worked on computers where users can actually plug in the USB key to authenticate the login. Twitter last year switched to WebAuthn protocol that eliminated the barrier of using security keys on limited devices and also brought support for more devices and browsers.
To enable 2FA Authentication on Twitter, users simply need to click on More from the side menu and head to Settings and privacy. From there, click on Account settings and click Security. After that Choose Two-factor authentication and then select Security key as the authentication method and follow the on-screen instructions. Do note that users will need to enable text or app based 2FA Authentication first.
For those unaware, security keys are among the most secure way to enable 2FA authentication as it makes it almost impossible for hackers to get access to any account secured with a security key even if they already have account login information as they will need to plug-in the security key to login.

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