Twinkle Khanna in new pic with Nitara, reveals what being mom means. Read hilarious post

Twinkle Khanna has mastered the art of tickling funny bones with a dose of reality. And her wisdom is at its best whenever she talks about motherhood. Twinkle recently shared a picture with her eight-year-old daughter Nitara and revealed what being a mom actually means. Unsurprisingly, her take was hilarious.


In the picture, Twinkle Khanna can be seen brushing her daughter’s hair. Now, the photo is sweet, but that’s not how the actress-turned-author described it. She wrote how being a mom means that her daughter’s appearance trumps her own and no matter how well-groomed Nitara’s hair is, brushing it one last time takes priority over her own haystack.

She captioned the post, “Being a mom often means brushing her immaculately groomed hair one last time when you are the one who needs to run a brush through your haystack desperately #MadAboutMissy (sic).”


Every now and then, Twinkle Khanna decodes what parenting is and how it brings new challenges at every turn. But she takes them in her stride. For instance, a couple of days ago, she shared a picture of Nitara not wanting to change her clothes and wrote, “Is that a child or a zoo? How many moms are fed up of trying to get their kids to change out of clashing but favourite bits of clothing? #fedup (sic).”

Here’s another time Twinkle Khanna reflected on parenthood. Sharing her thoughts on the difference between being a parent and parenting, she wrote, “Being a parent differs from parenting. Nouns are passive. It is enough to merely exist. Parenting, a verb, denotes an action, and this one comes without instruction manuals. Sometimes I wonder about the incongruity of needing a license to navigate a moped down the street, but no tests, no preparation, for steering these little creatures we produce down the right path (sic).”

Twinkle Khanna married actor Akshay Kumar in 2001. Their son Aarav was born in 2002 and their daughter Nitara was born in 2012. Twinkle’s books, Mrs Funnybones and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad are bestsellers.

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