TMC MP Mahua Moitra loses temper again, humiliates scribes

TMC MP Mahua Moitra from Krishnanagar constituency blasted the media while she lost her cool on workers.

TMC MP Mahua Moitra

TMC MP Mahua Moitra is known not only for her speeches but also for losing her temper occasionally.

This time again, the TMC MP from the Krishnanagar constituency blasted the media while she lost her cool on her party workers in the Nadia district.

She got annoyed at a meeting being held at Gayeshpur in the Nadia district of West Bengal on Sunday when she said “2 paise ke patrakar” to the media present there.

The incident happened when she went to attend a public meeting in Nadia District and a clash broke out between supporters.

Some workers were holding placards against the MP.

Some TMC supporters gathered there to protest with placards in their hands which stated that, “We don’t want the outsiders to be our president.”

As soon as Mahua Moitra reached there, she was surrounded by the agitated party workers.

“We are a democratic party. It’s good that they have expressed their problem. The clash was nothing but the agitation among themselves. We have discussed the matter and will solve it among us. Where the party has the hold, it is very common to have disputes among the workers. I have solved the matter and will come again in January. I want to make the booth workers strong,” said TMC MP.

However, TMC’s current city president Sukant Chatterjee has publicly acknowledged the factionalism.

Mahua, however, denied her remarks on the scribes. She said, “I didn’t say anything to anyone.”

On the other hand, BJP said this kind of behavior is not correct but it is beneficial for their own party.

“Mahua Moitra is not getting support from her own party workers. As the party workers are not ready to obey the principles of Mahua, she is just insulting everyone. She also said her own party workers are busy to show their face on news channels. She always forces her workers to fetch a good crowd as the people attend the meeting of BJP more than TMC. Actually, an MP should follow the guidelines as she can’t insult the media and workers. But it is good for us as her workers are joining our party. I would like to thank her,” said BJP MP Jagannath Sarkar.

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