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The AIWA RS-X 150 Natsukasii Pro Retro Review: A Marshall Killer


The AIWA RS-X 150 Natsukasii Pro Retro Review: A Marshall Killer

Japanese audio brand AIWA has an interesting portfolio of products as far as audio solutions are concerned. The brand calls it ‘luxury acoustics’. We already reviewed the Aiwa Meteor and this time we have with us the AIWA RS-X 150 Natsukasii Pro Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker. Not only is it larger in size, but it is also an upgrade over the Meteor in terms of overall audio output and design and build quality. Let’s find out how it performs and whether it is worth the price tag.

What’s In The Box!

The RS-X 150 Natsukasii comes along with a USB-C to USB-A, an AUX cable, a manual, a warranty card and a detachable leather strap for carrying around the speaker.

First Impressions: Design and Built Quality

The first thing that catches your eye about this Bluetooth speaker is the retro design with a touch of new world décor. Although the speaker looks like a blast from the past, once you touch and feel it, your perception is forever changed.

The leathery outer cover offers a rich feel to the overall retro look that the brand was going for. The golden/copper-coloured push buttons and rotatable knobs for treble, bass and volume just take the aesthetics to a whole new level.

At 300 X 180 X 180mm, the AIWA RS-X 150 Natsukasii Pro Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker is not too big and at the same time, not too small. In terms of dimensions, the speaker has great proportions.

Specifications and Performance

The Aiwa RS-X 150 Natsukasii Pro is a high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker offering Bluetooth v5.0. It is capable of accommodating MP3, WMA, FLAC and WAV formats. The speaker has a built-in mic that allows it to be used for calls as well.

With a total output of 60 watts, I personally feel that the Bluetooth speaker could have done a bit more in terms of total runtime. The brand claims a run time of 12 hours at 50 per cent volume. The brand claims a 2-hour charge time for a full charge. The speaker comes with a built-in 6,000 mAH lithium-ion battery.

Verdict: Is It Worth It?

The question stands whether it is a worthy competitor to Marshall speakers. The answer is a simple and unapologetic yes.

The RS-X 150 Natsukasii Pro Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker from Aiwa is a masterclass from the Japanese audio brand. Every little detail, ranging from the acoustics to the knobs to the paint job to the leathery exoskeleton to the branding to the On/Off toggle is simply flawless. Every little detail screams perfection and gives off a premium vibe. Aiwa has done a tremendously good job in upholding the category name of ‘luxury acoustics’.

Pairing is effortless thanks to multiple options, i.e., Bluetooth, Aux-in and a dedicated card reader slot. The speaker also has a type-C port that is used for charging. The brand claims 2 hours of charging duration till a 100 per cent charge, which is less accurate.

Priced at an MRP of INR 33,990 (available for INR 27,990 on the official website), it is indeed a bit on the higher side. However, it also justifies it with its immaculate presentation and an audio output that simply mesmerises you.

The only thing that bothered me was the battery. At high volumes and high levels of bass, the battery did not last for longer durations. Time is precious these days and I feel that a Bluetooth speaker that can offer a longer run time will seem more like a more attractive choice when compared to speakers that are unable to do that.

If you have an expendable income and you want a portable music system that has mind-blowing audio, great bass, physical knobs that allow you to customise the bass and treble as per your needs and a design so chic that it makes you want to go to Paris with it, the Aiwa RS-X 150 Natsukasii Pro Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker is the way to go (They could probably shorten the name a bit.)

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