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Soni Razdan Reacts To Son-In-Law Ranbir’s Comment On Alia’s Lipstick


Soni Razdan Reacts To Son-In-Law Ranbir’s Comment On Alia’s Lipstick

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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are among the most loved Bollywood couples but recently a controversy erupted after Alia Bhatt said in a video that Ranbir asks her to wipe off lipstick.

Soon people started slamming Ranbir Kapoor citing that he is an autocratic who makes Alia live on his terms. Well, there was no reaction from either Ranbir or Alia in this regard but now Alia’s mother Soni Razdan has reacted to it in an Instagram story.

Soni Razdan wrote, “What’s seeming increasingly idiotic: Cancel culture… People deciding for other people what is wrong with their lives. And then everyone jumping into some discussion or the other about things that actually have nothing to do with them. Funny times we live in.”

If you have no idea as to what Alia Bhatt said in her lipstick tutorial, here you go, “The way I apply my lipstick is not considered [normal]. It’s a bit weird (moving her mouth across it to apply colour to her lips). The reason I do this, I’ll tell you why is because a lot of time after eating I touch up my lipstick, I don’t know, I think something about moving the lipstick across my mouth is just way more tedious as opposed to moving my mouth across the lipstick… I thought, that was just something that I worked out for myself and then, I rub it off. Because one thing my husband [when he wasn’t my husband when he was my boyfriend as well] says when we used to go out at night, he used to say ‘Wipe that [lipstick] off. Wipe that off’. Because he loves the natural colour of my lip.”

Alia and Ranbir got married last year after dating for 4 years and they are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.

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