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South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced that it is rolling out an update to its voice assistant — Bixby. As part of the update, the company will not only change the design language of the tool but also add more features.
Samsung has announced that while changing the UI of Bixby, it will bring it more in line with Samsung One UI. The Bixby Voice app can now be synced up with the phone’s display mode. Users will also find new commands when horizontally and vertically scrolling the app.
The new update also combines recommended commands, trending commands, and the Marketplace — all in one menu eliminating the need to swipe through different menus or cards.
The company has also reduced the size that Bixby Voice occupies on the screen. “Rather than taking up the entire screen, Bixby Voice now only takes up the lower third of your screen, so you can issue commands without leaving your current app. That means fewer interruptions on your screen when you’re gaming or using a map to find your destination,” said Samsung in a press note.
Another interesting feature is that Bixby now offers customised voice command suggestions based on your usage patterns and other devices you have registered with Bixby. This will include the popular voice commands that are trending among other Galaxy users as well.
Lastly, Bixby is now available on Samsung DeX. “Whether you’re working on a presentation or streaming video on a larger screen, Bixby on Samsung DeX makes it easy to open applications or search for content on your computer or a larger monitor,” added Samsung.

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