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NEW DELHI: Samsung and batteries have a ‘history’ but that’s not stopping the company from bringing innovation in this department. Samsung has filed a new patent at South Korea’s patent office that suggests a small ring-like wearable device that can charge the smartphones. The patent was spotted by GalaxyClub and as per the patent description, the patented device will be able to charge the smartphones wirelessly.
The patent description reveals that the ring won’t have batteries that users can charge and use as a power bank whenever they want. Instead, the company has used a magnetic disc inside the ring that generates electricity using a small generator when users move their fingers or hand. Also, there will be a small battery to hold on to the generated electricity for a momentary period of time.
The patent also suggests that the ring will be able to convert body heat into electricity. Also, as already mentioned, Samsung is opting for wireless charging technology instead of using cables considering how small the device is going to be.
Although the entire concept seems to be interesting, the device has a lot of hurdles to cross as ring sizes vary from person to person. Making components smaller can also become a big challenge for the company. We have already seen a relatively similar implementation in S Pen that stores power from the smartphone’s battery for a while wireless and using a capacitor coil.
Another big challenge is the amount of power the ring can generate as modern smartphones require lots of power to run.

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