Rahul Vaidya calls Eijaz Khan temperamental admi in new Bigg Boss 14 promo. Watch

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya will be getting into a fight with finalist Eijaz Khan. In the new promo shared by Colors TV, the two are seen getting into an ugly spat over something in the kitchen area. Rahul always had an on-off equation with Eijaz on Bigg Boss 14.


The new promo shows Rahul and Eijaz washing utensils in the kitchen area. While doing dishes, Eijaz is seen telling Rahul, “Keep your humour and joke yourself.” This irks the singer and he accuses Eijaz for wanting others to be understanding towards him always. Rahul says, “Jyada baja mat kar, bajna hai to ghar pe jaake baj phir. (Don’t keep blabbering, if you want to then go home and speak gibberish).” An angry Eijaz shouts back at him and their fight turns ugly. The two even show physical aggression as they try to push each other.

Soon, they start calling each other dirty names. Rahul calls Eijaz ‘halka aadmi and nalla,’ and also points out Eijaz’s temperamental issues and states that he has no control over his anger.

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In another promo, the contestants are seen revealing why they dislike Rahul Vaidya. Eijaz Khan slams him for disrespecting women, while Nikki Tamboli supports him and accuses him of using inappropriate language during fights. Rahul clarifies that he only had arguments with Rubina Dilaik in the house and he does not respect her. He also says that he is not ashamed of it and he stands by whatever he has said against Nikki and Rubina. This angers everyone in the house.

In the latter part of the video, Nikki questions Rahul’s character and reveals that he used to flirt with her PR manager outside the show. She also says that she can prove it with the messages.

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Meanwhile, in the previous episode, Abhinav Shukla became the second finalist of Bigg Boss 14. The first finalist was Eijaz Khan.

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