Rahul Mahajan says boring Bigg Boss 14 will be entertaining when Challengers enter: Interview

Rahul Mahajan is set to enter Bigg Boss 14 this weekend alongside Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Arshi Khan, Manu Punjabi and Vikas Gupta. They are the Challengers who will add a new twist to the show. Rahul, who has been on Bigg Boss 2 and Halla Bol will be entering the house for the third time. In an exclusive chat with IndiaToday.in, Rahul Mahajan revealed that the Challengers will provide full entertainment and they could also snatch away the trophy from Bigg Boss 14 housemates.


Talking about entering Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Mahajan said, “I am very excited to enter the show. This is my third time on Bigg Boss. I am so excited that I feel like jumping the wall and entering the BB house on my own because we’ve been quarantined in a hotel and can’t step out. I want to go to the Bigg Boss house and swim in the pool and other things which one couldn’t do otherwise anywhere else.”

Rahul feels its viewers’ love that brings him back on the show. When asked if he is a Bigg Boss favourite, he said, “Not sure about Bigg Boss but the viewers like watching me so I am called back. Vikas (Gupta) has gone in the house more than me. This is his fourth time in the house. I am going in every six seasons. I am thinking of preparing for Season 20 as well, as they might call me for that next. Bigg Boss might know the reason to bring me back. They must be feeling that a few characters can bring something new to the show at this point in time.”


Challengers are going inside to change the scene of Bigg Boss 14, as this season’s tagline – Ab scene paltega, suggests. However, Rahul Mahajan and the other Challengers haven’t yet met. So, no planning or plotting there. “We haven’t made any strategies. We haven’t spoken to each other. Bus yeh hai ki game badalna hai. Takhta palat karna hai. Bigg Boss mein Challengers ki sarkar banne waali hai, monoranjan pura hoga. Until now, the show was a bit boring and was going a little off track. We’ll get it back on track. We’ve been on the show more than once, we know the format better, we know how to entertain people better than the current housemates. We can take the show to another level,” added Rahul.


Talking about the present lot, no one could impress Rahul Mahajan. He feels none of the BB 14 contestants has been consistent on the show. “Consistently no one is good or bad. People are only fighting that too like nursery kids. There is no love story, which can compel you to watch the show. There is no friendship in the house. People are very unstable in their behaviour and have no bonding. They should work for the show to make it bigger. Only if the show is bigger, they can become big,” said Rahul who knows Rahul Vaidya and Jasmin Bhasin. He feels he will have some people who he can talk to.


Talking about the new twist that the Challengers can add to Bigg Boss 14, Rahul said, “The Idea is not about challenging a particular person but we are challenging the whole house. We will challenge them that in nominations, the housemates can all be thrown out of the house and the challengers can become housemates. Aisa ho sakta hai ki challengers gharwale ban jaye aur gharwale baharwale ban jaye. Aisa bhi ho sakta hai ki challenger, who is entitled to the trophy might win the trophy. Bigg Boss is totally an unpredictable game.”

Rahul Mahajan has never been a performer in tasks but his people skills have worked in his favour. Before entering the house, he confessed that he won’t be doing the chores and tasks properly. He is looking forward to the digital detox that the house will provide. “I am not going to do the task or house duties properly except cleaning toilets. Bigg Boss will give me peace of mind and I will be in a meditative state. We will go back to basics in the house. This will be a total digital detox. It’s the right time to go to Bigg Boss. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no place safer than the Bigg Boss house,” he concluded.

Rahul Mahajan along with the other five Challengers will enter Bigg Boss 14 on Weekend Ka Vaar. Last weekend, Salman Khan introduced the six Challengers who will be entering the BB house to make the show more entertaining.

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