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Punjab Govt Raises Petrol And Diesel Prices, Triggers Concerns


Punjab Govt Raises Petrol And Diesel Prices, Triggers Concerns

The Punjab government has introduced a significant increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. The state government has raised petrol prices by Rs 92 paise per litre and diesel prices by Rs 88 paise per litre, effective immediately.

The decision to increase the prices came along with a 10 per cent hike in the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the previous amounts, leading to higher costs for consumers. As a result, the prices of petrol in Mohali have surged to Rs 98.95 per litre, while diesel is now priced at Rs 89.25 per litre.

The recent development has caused an outcry among citizens and industry experts alike. The Punjab Petrol Pump Dealers’ Association expressed their concerns over the rising prices, highlighting the impact it would have on both consumers and businesses. They pointed out that the increased rates in Punjab contrasted significantly with the prices in neighboring regions.

According to the Punjab Petrol Pump Dealers’ Association, petrol prices in Chandigarh stood at Rs 96.20 per litre, Rs 96.29 per litre in Himachal Pradesh, Rs 97.34 per litre in Haryana, and Rs 97.50 per litre in Jammu. Likewise, diesel prices in Chandigarh were recorded at Rs 84.26 per litre, Rs 85.44 per litre in Himachal Pradesh, Rs 90.19 per litre in Haryana, and Rs 83.26 per litre in Jammu.

The sharp increase in fuel prices is expected to have a significant impact on the transportation sector, as well as the general cost of living. Citizens and businesses are likely to face additional financial burdens, further straining their budgets.

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