PUBG Mobile India: Launch date, new features and other updates you need to know

Their is no denying the fact that the debate over PUBG Mobile and its return in India has been one of the trending topics on social media in India. During Diwali it was announced that PUBG would soon return to India and then since several reports have surfaced regarding the launch date of the hugely popular game in India. 

Millions of mobile gamers are super excited after PUBG Corporation announced their return in India through social media posts during Diwali. Soon it was reported that the game would hit the Indian market on November 13 but the game was not released on that day.

The official announcement not only confirmed the comeback of the game but it also showed that PUBG Mobile India will have a green bloodstain effect. It is to be noted that this feature is already available in the Korean version. In the bew version of the game, the underage player base will face a time-limit to ensure health welfare. The company is also planning to tweak the user interface and the usual background will be changed to a virtual simulation training ground.

It is to be noted that Krafton is planning to enter India to run PUBG for a sustainable future in the country. Krafton has also announced to invest USD 100 million in India to contribute to the development of the video game, esports, IT, and entertainment industries. Krafton has announced to set up a branch office in India and hite around 100 people specializing in game development, business, and esports.

The talks regarding PUBG relaunch gathered pace after PUBG India revealed some teasers hinting at the return of the game in the country. The series of teasers showed some prominent faces from PUBG Mobile community leading to speculations that the game may return in India by November 20.

Several clips were then posted on social media with the users claiming that data from PUBG Mobile is being transferred to the PUBG Mobile India servers. Gamers maintained that the transfer of data could have solved these problems as it would allow the players to access their old accounts without any trouble.

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Some reports claimed that Ministry of Corporate Affairss has approved the registration of PUBG India Pvt. Ltd., a privately held company under the registrar of companies. But recently it was reported that the Centre is yet to give any approval for the relaunch of PUBG in India. Sources claimed that officials from PUBG Corporation are waiting to meet government officials. According to InsideSport, the PUBG promoters had requested for a meeting 4 weeks ago but the Centre is yet to respond to the request.

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