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Protest, Propaganda Planned During G-20 Summit In Srinagar: Report


Protest, Propaganda Planned During G-20 Summit In Srinagar: Report

As the country is geared to host the G-20 summit in Srinagar between the 23 and 24 May, there is a huge conspiracy building against India for hosting the G-20 summit by Pakistan-led bots and social media handlers, according to Innefu’s Insight report.

The confidential social media analysis report Protest and Propaganda: Srinagar G-20 has been generated by Innefu Labs.

The report cites that various social media accounts are being created and are actively posting negative posts and comments against the G-20 summit in Srinagar and are trying to instigate peace and harmony in the valley.

The report analysed various social media platforms and websites and investigated that there are various terror organization websites posting information about Pakistan propaganda and urging people to tweet against the G-20 meetings in the valley with pre-written tweets and pre-written captions. The websites and social media profiles and groups are also instigating people to hold protest marches or educational events during the summit dates.

As per the Insight tool, there is a Twitter analysis that all top trending hashtags are being used by the protesters only. These protesters urged people to keep a black display picture (DP) and write freedom for Kashmir on DP to protest against the government of India.

Insight has also found a letter from a prominent leader of the radical group, to the Secretary General of the United Nations, which demanded that the United Nations take steps to prevent India from holding the G-20 summit in the disputed region of Jammu & Kashmir. 

Innefu is an Information Security R&D venture, providing cutting-edge information security and data analytics solutions.

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