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Poor Fielding On Display As Batter Reaches 50 In Hilarious Manner. Watch | Cricket News


Poor Fielding On Display As Batter Reaches 50 In Hilarious Manner. Watch | Cricket News

Hammarby batters run between the wickets during ECS Sweden match against Kristianstad.© Twitter

Cricket has beautifully evolved over the years. While on financial terms it has seen a great leap and is still rising, the performance of the players has also been developing at a rapid pace. Batting has become more innovative and impactful nowadays and so is the bowling to counter it. Fielding, another crucial part of the game of cricket, has also become advanced now. What could have been a sensational or eye-catching effort decades ago is a regular task now. Such is the nature of cricket that we also get to see some really poor fielding at times.

A recent video shared by European Cricket is a testimony to how poor fielding at times could give rise to hilarious events.

Kristianstad defeated Hammarby by 49 runs in an ECS Sweden match but the win didn’t come before a funny running between the wickets from the batters of the latter team.

Hammarby’s Humaiz Javed was batting on 47 on the final delivery of the game. He mishit the ball in front of the cover fielder and ran a single. Some smart running saw the batters making it a double before poor fielding effort at the non-striker’s end helped the batting side convert it into a three.

Watch it here:

Talking about world cricket, Australia kicked off their Ashes campaign against England at Edgbaston. The Pat Cummins-led side was crowned with the World Test Championship title after beating India by 209 runs in the final recently. The game was dominated by the Pat Cummins-led side for the majority part and India barely had their moments of joy.

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