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Pankaj Tripathi Reveals He Fainted When Hrithik Stabbed Him In Agneepath


Pankaj Tripathi Reveals He Fainted When Hrithik Stabbed Him In Agneepath

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Pankaj Tripathi is one of the finest actors of the present times and he is quite happy with the response that his movie OMG 2 has got despite the clash that it had with Gadar 2.

Pankaj Tripathi is one of those actors who believe in getting into the skin of a character and recently he has shared an incident which proves how serious he is towards his work. The incident is from 2012 released Hrithik Roshan starrer Agneepath in which Pankaj Tripathi was a close aide of villain Sanjay Dutt and during the scene in which Hrithik Roshan stabbed him 3-4 times, Pankaj Tripathi got fainted as he stopped his breath for a long time.

This is what he said in the interview, “In that scene, since he had to stab me 3-4 times. I held my breath, reaction ke chakkar me (for the purpose of reaction). I didn’t know how a person felt when he is stabbed. So, if you watch that scene closely, you will see my eyes are completely red.”

He added, “I remember in the second or third take, I fainted for a few seconds. I fell. While the camera was rolling, I had a blackout and I fell because I must have held my breath for too long. People gathered around me quickly, and splashed water on my face. I came to my senses to see so many people are surrounding me.”

Hrithik Roshan starrer Agneepath was a remake of 1990 released Agneepath which starred Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role.

Well, Pankaj Tripathi deserves all the accolades for his sheer dedication towards his work. Have you watched OMG 2?

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