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One-day fashion soars as Ashwarya Ghael takes wings on Ritu Beri’s Runway.

one day fashion


One-day fashion soars as Ashwarya Ghael takes wings on Ritu Beri’s Runway.

  • One-Day Fashion event was successfully presented by Kirabhi Beauty Salon, featuring Ashwarya Ghael who took center stage as the showstopper of the Grand Finale for internationally renowned designer Ritu Beri who is known for her extraordinary and unique designs.
  • She is a blessed mother of a wonderful son and an entrepreneur. Alongside, she is also a social activist who is a member of multiple human rights NGOs working for the welfare and empowerment of women.
  • She holds the title of Mrs. India One in a Million, Platinum Category, 2nd Runner Up 2022–2023.
  • Her enchanting presence and Ritu Beri’s distinctive creations created an exceptional aura that left the audience wonderstruck.
  • The organizer conveyed “Ashwarya’s amazing performance as the showstopper is a testament to her talent and confidence in the fashion industry.”

Ashwarya Ghael’s enchanting presence in Ritu Beri’s Ensemble at One-Day Fashion Show

Delhi, India – One-Day Fashion event was successfully presented by Kirabhi Beauty Salon featuring Ashwarya Ghael who took center stage as the showstopper of the Grand Finale showcasing the exclusive outfit by a world-renowned designer Ritu Beri. This stunning and talented woman, Ashwarya Ghael, a blessed mother of an adorable 6-year-old son and the winner of Mrs. India One in a Million 22-23, made an eye-catching appearance on the ramp, leaving the audience awed and amazed at the Fairlie Hotels & Resorts in Delhi on May 6th, 2023. The event had multiple designers showcasing their exquisite collections, however, the presence of our beloved and stunning Mrs. India One in a Million, Ashwarya Ghael, in the custom-made Ritu Beri Collection was the highlight of the entire event.

The One-Day Fashion Show, which successfully presented its main agenda of conglomerating art, culture, fashion, and beauty, opened new doors for the upcoming talents. The show organizer, Prashant Chaudhary, and Swati Dixit, after successfully hosting multiple seasons of Mrs. India One in a Million and Tiska Pageants, have once again proved that they are unstoppable to give the fashion industry new and talented faces and promote their passion for fashion in the right direction. It would be right to say that our gem, Ashwarya Ghael wouldn’t have been our star without the support of the organizers. This event witnessed the captivating runway walk, the charm, beauty, confidence, and stunning walk by bold and beautiful & multi-talented Ashwarya in the unbeatable Ritu Beri Design.

For the Grand Finale of the show, Ritu Beri who is known for her amazing collection, presented the hues of black, white, silver, and golden, creating a unique- Yin Yan theme. With an undeniable passion for fashion and an elegant aura, Ashwarya Ghael presented her versatility and innate ability to carry off unique ensembles with panache. Her enchanting presence and Ritu Beri’s distinctive creations created an exceptional aura that left the audience wonderstruck. With her astounding elegance and commanding stage presence, Ashwarya today has become a sought-after showstopper for numerous esteemed designers and is an emerging face of the fashion industry. She stands herself as a rising star in the field owing to her unique style and capacity to attract audiences.

Her confidence, poise, charisma, and natural appeal charmed the audience, making her personality and presence unforgettable among fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders. Ashwarya Ghael’s remarkable achievement as the Second Runner-Up of Mrs. India One in a Million (Platinum Category) and as the grand finale showstopper is a tribute to her self-esteem, talent, and perseverance. It is her persona that contributed towards bring success to Ritu Beri’s latest collection and left an impression on those fortunate to witness her performance.

The One-Day Fashion Show attracted a wide range of attendees, including members of the media, powerful figures, those involved in the fashion industry, and well-known celebrities. The exhibition showcased a carefully curated selection of avant-garde works, pushing the boundaries of creativity and fashion innovation. Ashwarya remarkable performance, Ritu Beri’s dazzling collection, and the diligent efforts of the organizer Mr. Prashant Chaudhary and Miss Swati Dixit left a lasting impression that caught the attention of business executives and paved the way for a promising future in the fashion industry. 

Bringing light to some personal details of our star Showstopper, Mrs. Ashwarya Ghael, she is an emerging entrepreneur, managing multiple family businesses in various fields and a model by passion, currently based in Surat, Gujarat. She is a social activist and president of the women’s cell for Surat, who works for human rights and towards the financial and gender equality of women. She strongly believes that India still lacks work equality for women, in terms of cerebral equality. According to her, a woman still must fight and struggle to create her own space in the male-dominated work atmosphere which doesn’t require physical strength but cerebral intelligence. Also, the social taboo where women are expected to finish their domestic duties all by themselves and alongside follow their passion to work is physically and emotionally exhausting and hence, a huge demotivating factor hindering women’s empowerment. She is passionate about challenging and dismantling stereotypes and encouraging girls and women to pursue their dreams, fight for their strength and openly get support for their weaknesses.

Speaking about her experience, Ashwarya expressed her gratitude and excitement, stating, “Being the showstopper and sharing the ramp with Ritu Beri and Jasbir Jassi at the One-Day Fashion Show was a dream come true. It was an honor to work with such talented designers and showcase their incredible creations. The outfit created by Ritu Ma’am for me was stunning and eye-catching. The energy and enthusiasm from the audience were electrifying, and I am immensely grateful for this opportunity given to me by the organizer Prashant sir and Swati Maam.”

The event concluded with a vote of thanks to everyone by Prashant Chaudhary and Swati Dixit, the organizers of the One Day Fashion. With a standing ovation from the audience, Bollywood singer Jasbir Jassi set the proper mood for the show’s climax and raised the tempo of the entire performance. “Today, we’re here to see the fusion of talent and ingenuity. Our showstopper, with its mesmerizing presence and impeccable style, has captivated our hearts” conveyed Prashant Chaudhary. “Ashwarya12 Ghael’s remarkable achievement as the showstopper of Grand Finale is a testament to her talent, dedication, and commitment to the fashion world,” said Swati Dixit. We extend our deepest appreciation to her extraordinary talent for bringing our fashion dreams to life. This moment will forever be etched in our memories as a testament to their brilliance.” She added.

The event was sponsored by Makeup Diaries, powered by Pulse Events India, and featured a unique brand partnership with CVD Diamond Jewel. Indian designers attended the exhibition to display their most recent offerings for the massive wedding market. The event featured 9 internationally renowned Indian designers, 40 backstages, 9 stylists, 40 models, and 50 hair and makeup professionals, making it unique to Delhi. One-Day Fashion Show is dedicated to offering a platform for up-and-coming designers. It strives to showcase creativity, diversity, and innovation in the fashion industry through its carefully planned events. The organization prides itself on identifying and nurturing promising individuals, like Ashwarya Ghael, who have the potential to make a significant impact in the industry.

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