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One-Day Fashion: Mrs India One in a Million winners did Showstopped for top designers in Indi

One-Day Fashion


One-Day Fashion: Mrs India One in a Million winners did Showstopped for top designers in Indi

Prashant Chaudhary founder of ODF said, “This event has brought together fashion enthusiasts, designers, buyers, jewellers, makeup brands and industry professionals all together for a day which was filled with creativity, style, and fashion inspiration.

Further, he added, “Fashion becomes art when all the required elements come together on the runway to make it look a self-drawn beautiful canvas. ODF was just not to showcase the most talented and emerging designers from around the world it has been designed in such a way that it can make the brand associates happy.” That is why he tried pulling a renowned Salon chain of NCR Kirabhi Beauty Salon (Dir. Kirti Sharma) successfully as a presenter for One-Day Fashion: where he tried bringing his ‘Mrs India One in a Million’ winners walked as Showstoppers for all top designers of India where the show was beautifully conceptualised by Pulse Events & Wedding (Director Sunny Sabharwal), who could design such big event in a short span which was extremely challenging supported by his sister concern Makeup Diaries who dolled up all the showstoppers beautifully with their professional team. It was a challenge but our team took this challenge to make it up to the standard of the requirement given by the Designers, said Sunny Sabharwal.

The exclusive Jewellery brand partner CVD Diamond & Jewels by Ankur Jain customised the Diamond Jewellery for the Garment pairing along with the World University of Design (knowledge partners on 6th May at Fairlie Hotels & Resorts in Delhi). The event brought Top Indian designers to showcase their latest collections. The show was one of its kind on the ground as it featured the best fashion content in B town, said Ankur Jain.

● The show has featured 9 internationally acclaimed Indian designers, an extremely talented team of 40 backstage experts, 9 stylists, 40 top models, 50 make-up artists, and hairstylists and a perfect team of photographers and cinematographers to capture this amazing show along with various PR agencies

The runway show was the highlight of the event, featuring the latest collections by renowned designers. Attendees witnessed an array of styles, from haute couture to ready-to-wear, showcasing the latest trends in fashion. Every creature has colours! Aura 11, a collection by Anupama Dayal has an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. She pointed out how we don’t always see the colours but we always feel them. Like, red is confident, pink is romantic, violet is smart and evolved, a happy optimist is a bright yellow and a person who sucked up all your energy is probably some muddy and dense colour.

The event features our stylish showstoppers- Aishwarya Ghael walked for Ritu Beri in the grand finale along with the Bollywood singer Jasbir Jassi, in Prime Time Aayushi Jain walked for Joy Mitra, Purnima Padmasana for Neharika Sharma and Anupama Dayal, Payal Singh as showstopper for Rajdeep Ranawat in the opening show, Pooja Aeri for Nida Mahmood, Dr Kainat Ansari Atha for Khushi Chauhan.

Poonam Bhagat’s zen collection of Gossamer Organzas combined with burnished bronze tissues and black to create a sheer vs solid look which made the collection ethereal yet rooted. Her zen philosophy was very simple: the idea of controlling balance in a composition via irregularity and asymmetry is a central tenet of the zen aesthetic. Skirts, capes, tops, cocoons, tulip dresses, and coord sets were printed with designs created in monochromatic hues of black and white with a touch of molten gold and burgundy. These were appliquéd with dramatic patterns inspired by the Bauhaus Design Movement giving the ensembles a retro yet vibrant feel.

Designer Nida Mahmood blurred the lines between gender divide with her collection “Suresh Ramesh Short Co” with the ethos remaining rooted in India. The new collection reimagines Indian tradition to fit modern consumer needs. The designs are fun, light-hearted, and inspired by different nuances of “Indian-ness”. Brand NM believes in delivering a product that resonates with the “Indian” which was modern yet contemporary, quirky yet touching tradition, classic yet effervescent, and most importantly 100% Swadeshi and believes in the circularity of fashion.

Another renowned designer, Khushi Chauhan has been showcasing her collection on national and international runways for more than 5 years. She has revolutionised the bridal arena with her glamorous looks, Indian contemporary silhouettes, and craftsmanship, she has slowly carved a niche for herself. Her global design sensibility is a perfect blend of exquisite embroideries and nouveau texturising techniques, which are traditionally rooted. Her class couturier has achieved unparalleled success. She brought out the best of Uttarakhand tradition and techniques with master craftsmen from across the country. The collection “Beautiful Gala” is the designer’s takeaways from her insightful expeditions that have put Indian contemporary and traditional patterns on the global map.

Vishal Rathore is a designer working on the legacy of the heritage lifestyle of Rajasthan and its culture. He started his Journey in 2016 with many achievements with 5 flagship stores across Rajasthan having expertise in heritage bespoke wear. He assembled prestigious arts of Rajasthan from different states & dynasties and engraved them in his timeless collection. He aims to take patrimonial art and designs of Rajasthan to the global level. He was one of the Indian designers to coin his namesake label as a ‘Made in India’ brand, translating traditional Indian ensembles for the global clientele engraving heritage and the artistic touch of culture. He presented his patrimonial spring-summer collection with elegant Pichwai hand-painted art of Udaipur and signature styles of Rajasthan.

Joy Mitra is a master when it comes to Indian weaves and prints. His collection was a perfect melange of Indian craft and rich textiles. The collection was rightly called ‘Phool’, as motifs and colours were inspired by Indian flowers. Neharika Sharma from BBL brought her beautiful look to the couture studio. She represents the epicene i.e. for both men and women, the indo-western dress of linen fabric which gets softer over time and improves as it ages. She used lock printing, stencil printing, and tape printing. The dress with cut dana, handmade jute flowers, and the final touch of thread tensile.

Rajdeep Ranawat, known for his amazing digital prints showcased a collection inspired by the heritage blue tile of the port town. Ritu Beri’s collection was a play of light and shadow which was dramatically monochromatic, the collection smoothly moved. From black and white stripes to metallic gowns. Jassi gave just the right mood to the finale taking the tempo of the entire show to another octave with a standing ovation from the audience. This brings a perfect end to a perfect One Day Fashion!

We are thrilled with the success of One Day Fashion and are proud to have showcased the latest trends in fashion,” conveyed Prashant Chaudhary and Swati Dixit, organisers of One Day Fashion. Further, Rashmi Virmani the Show Director said “This event was a celebration of creativity and inspiration, and we are grateful for the support of fashion enthusiasts, designers, and industry professionals who attended the event”. It was a huge success, with attendees praising the creativity, style, and organisation of the event. For more information and updates on upcoming events, follow One Day Fashion on social media platforms. @one_day_fashionshow

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