Old Samsung smartwatches, bands will not work with Galaxy phones that launch in 2021 – Times of India

Old Samsung Galaxy wearables like smartwatches and brands will no longer work with Samsung phones that will launch in 2020. As per a notification from the Samsung Members app, Galaxy Club reported that “The existing service quality of older Samsung Gear wearables cannot be guaranteed and ensured through app updates alone. Therefore, older Samsung Gear wearables can no longer be used in conjunction with new Samsung smartphones (from the year of publication 2021).”
Wearables like Galaxy Gear (2013), Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S and Gear Fit will not be supported by newer Samsung phones that launch in 2021. Having said that these wearables will continue to work with Samsung phones that were launched in 2020 and earlier.
Samsung is yet to officially respond to this and provide clarity.
Meanwhile, Samsung has rolled out a new software update to its Galaxy Fit 2 fitness tracker, which the South Korean tech giant launched along with Galaxy Note 20. The latest software update, which is 0.7MB in size, comes with bug fixes and feature improvements and bears firmware version R220XXU1ATK5.
For those unaware, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is said to automatically detect and track up to five different types of activity providing fitness insights such as calories burned, heart rate, distance and more.

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