Netflix is free in India for two days. Twitter trends best memes

Netflix is free for this weekend in India. The online streaming entertainment service kickstarted its Netflix StreamFest today, which will be a two-day event on December 5 and 6 where anyone in India will be able to watch Netflix for free. Netflix is experimenting this for the first time, and it’s starting with India.


The StreamFest is now live in India, and kickstarted at 12:01 am on December 5, and it will end exactly at 11:59 pm on December 6. Under this new service, the entire catalogue of Netflix will be free for users in India, where users will be able to watch any show.

So, obviously, after Netflix StreamFest went live, Twitter users found the perfect opportunity to trend some hilarious memes on it. From expressing their reaction to Netflix being free in India to the number of shows they will be watching under this new service; Twitter users gave us some rib-tickling memes.

Take a look at the ones that had us in splits:

There were a lot of memes on Telegram users too:

The StreamFest is strictly for non-subscribers. People interested in binge-watching shows over the weekend have to simply register with name, phone number, email and then create a password for the platform. Once you signup for the StreamFest, you will be given access to all the Netflix features that are available for paid users including Profiles, Parental Controls, Netflix in Hindi, My List, subtitles or dubs, Smart Downloads on mobile, and other important features.

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