My father a parasite, was never involved in my life: Shehla Rashid’s refutes charges against her

Days after her father made serious allegations against her, JNU student leader Shehla Rashid on Wednesday said that he was never involved in her and her sister’s upbringing.

“My sister and I have been brought up by a single parent, as my father has never been there for us, emotionally or financially,” she wrote on Twitter.

Writing a detailed Twitter thread dismissing Abdul Rashid Shora’s allegations, Shehla Rashid said that in her father’s letter to the Jammu and Kashmir DGP, he had made several factually incorrect claims against her.

“He never even knew which class we are studying in — clear from his letter which says that ‘Shehla was in last semester of PhD of Sociology in 2017’,” she added, saying that a simple Google search would have told him about her educational qualifications.

In his letter against daughter Shehla Rashid, Abdul Rashid Shora had demanded a police probe into her NGOs.

However, Shehla Rashid wrote that she is not associated with any such organisations. “He says that I run 3 NGOs. This shows how involved in my life he is! Anyone who follows me even remotely knows that I’m not associated with any NGO,” Shehla Rashid said.

Shehla Rashid further dismissed his claims about financial transactions between them as well them meeting in 2017.

Shehla Rashid wrote that her sister broke ties with their father after he refused to Shehla, who had contracted chickenpox, in 2017.

Calling her father a “parasite”, Shehla Rashid said that he has been exploiting her mother for money and abusing her physically and verbally. She added that her mother raised her and her sister as a single parent.

“Truth is, he has just been a parasite, exploiting my mother financially, abusing her physically and verbally. My mother has served the govt for 32 years and brought us up with her Halal income, with her blood, sweat and tears. She is our mother & father… She even put up with abuse for so long, simply so that we have a father for appearance’s sake!” Shehla wrote.

In her post, Shehla Rashid reiterated that her father had made the false allegations against her in a bid to get her to withdraw the domestic violence that her family has filed against him.

“This political stunt by him is a brazen attempt by him to pressure us into withdrawing the case of Domestic Violence in which we are not merely applicants, but also witnesses. In fact, these tactics amount to witness intimidation,” she said.


On Monday, Shehla Rashid’s father Abdul Rashid Shora claimed a threat to his life from his daughter. He demanded that a probe be initiated into her NGOs and accused Shehla Rashid of having taken a huge amount of money for joining politics in Kashmir valley.

Shehla Rashid refuted all allegations made by her father and termed his statement “absolutely disgusting and baseless”.

Terming the allegations “absolutely disgusting and baseless”, she said the fact of the matter is that they have filed a complaint of domestic violence with a court in Kashmir against her father and it has passed an order restraining his entry into their home.

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