MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, wife trolled for lifting Twitter user’s poem

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his wife Sadhna Shivraj Singh Chouhan are being trolled on Twitter for allegedly lifting and sharing a poem written by a Twitter user as their own.

Bhumika Birthare, through her Twitter handle @bhumikabirthare, has alleged that she had written a poem titled ‘Daddy’ that has been copied by Sadhna Shivraj Singh Chouhan and shared by the chief minister.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan on November 22 had shared a poem titled ‘Baauji’ saying his wife had penned some lines in the memory of his late father-in-law. The opening lines of the poem read, “Jiske kandhe pe baith kar ghooma karti thi, use kandha de kar aayi hoon, uske mathe ko choomkar, jindagi ki nasihten lekar aayi hoon. ” (I have returned from giving a shoulder to the man on whose shoulders I used to sit. Kissed his forehead and took lessons of life.)

Shivraj Singh Chohan’s father-in-law Ghanshyam Das Masani had passed away at the age of 88 on November 18 and his cremation was done in Gondia in Maharashtra the next day.

Bhumika Birthare while tagging the chief minister and the PM Modi in a tweet said, “Kindly give the credit to me sir. The poem is written by me and its title is Daddy and not Baauji. Don’t do injustice to my feelings for my father.”

Among those who trolled the chief minister for this alleged plagiarism include former state Congress chief Arun Yadav and spokesman KK Mishra.

Yadav while sharing what Chouhan had shared as that written by his wife along with what Bhumika Birthare subsequently wrote said in a tweet, “The BJP has got expertise in changing names. This has once again come to light. First, they used to change names of schemes launched by the Congress, then they started changing names of cities and now Chief Minister Chouhan is posting a poem written by someone as that written by his wife.”

KK Mishra, in a tweet in which Chouhan was tagged along with former chief minister Kamal Nath and PM Modi, said, “ Though this is a matter related to the sad demise of your father-in-law, claims made on the authorship of this poem has put question marks on your credibility and working style.”

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