Miffed that I’m not involved with England cricket team as spin coach, says Graeme Swann

Former England cricketer Graeme Swann is disappointed that he never got a chance to coach English spinners after his retirement.

Former England cricketer and veteran off spinner Graeme Swann. (Reuters Photo)


  • Graeme Swann has expressed an old desire to coach England
  • Swann has revealed that Monty Panesar and he never listened to spin coaches
  • Swann retired in 2013 after which Saqlain Mushtaq was spin coach

Veteran off-spinner Graeme Swann has expressed is long-term desire to coach the English cricket team as he believes that the spinners need the right guidance. The former England cricketer, who retired in 2013, is disappointed to have not worked with current off-spinner Dom Bess.

“I have never worked with him. The only time I’ve spoken to him was on a Zoom call on Sky Sports with Rob Key. He bowls a lot in straight lines he sort of pushes it out,” Swann said, as quoted by The Cricketer.

“Off-spin should be bowled coming across your body, like an outswinger action. All off-spinners should be able to bowl a decent away swinger. Bess gets two or three balls right every so often and pitches it perfectly. But it’s an almost an accident. It’s not hard to fix. He just needs to change his body position and alter his arm height and come right across his body and he’d spin it twice as hard as he does now.”

Swann has recalled England’s tour of India in 2012 and how Monty Panesar and he had been successful in the Indian subcontinent conditions. The 41-year-old Swann, who played 60 Tests for England, is angry that he never got to coach the spinners in English cricket after his retirement.

“I never listened to coaches growing up. They were wrong. The reason Monty (Panesar) and I did so well in India in 2012 is because I never listened to coaches and Monty never understood coaches. We won’t win in India without a proper specialist spinner. Spin is not a part-time occupation. English cricket has to get away from that mentality if they hope to move forward with bowling spin or batting against spin,” he added

“I am miffed that I am not involved. The second you finish playing is when you’re most valuable as a coach. You know the game, the players intimately. If Jimmy Anderson finishes playing and they make him coach Lancashire’s second team to get his stripes that will be the biggest crime in the world. Arguably as soon as I finished, I should have been asked to coach the spinners. That was when I was most relevant, knew the players and the game inside out.”

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