Meet Dipan and Rose! The couple who went viral during India’s 2nd ODI against Australia

The second ODI between Australia and India at the SCG was a prominent game, not just from a cricketing perspective. The game saw Australia scoring a mammoth 389/4 which ensured that they won both the game and the series. 

However, another incident that went viral in the game was the love story of an Indian fan and an Australian girl. The guy, in an Indian jersey, proposed to the blushing lady in the middle of a cheering crowd and she gleefully said yes. The video of the incident can be seen here:

Well to begin with the name of the guy is Dipen and the girl is Rose. According to his social media profile, Dipen is from Bangalore but currently works as a project and reporting analyst at Jetstar Australia. The two lovebirds live in Melbourne.

 The two have been seeing each other for an year and a half now and Dipen, apparently, had been planning this for a month. All this was revealed by Dipen himself in a video posted on the Twitter handle of

“We both are big cricket fans and there couldn’t have been a better place to do this. It was just the right occasion,” said Dipen.

Before moving to Australia, Dipen had studied at the Venkat International Public School and then the St. Joseph’s Pre-University College. He then completed a management degree in St. Joseph’s College of Commerce in Bangalore before finally pursuing the aviation and maritime transportation management course in the University of Sydney

The whole incident was captured by the cameras and went garnered headlines across the globe as the couple embraced each other in a beautiful moment. Even Glenn Maxwell gave his approval to the duo and clapped as the video played on the big screen.

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