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Manager Caught Watching Lust Stories 2 During Office Video Call


Manager Caught Watching Lust Stories 2 During Office Video Call

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Virtual meetings have become pretty common after the COVID-19 pandemic because most of the companies operated with employees working from home and even now when the things have become normal, there are many companies which are making their employees work from home because it is helping them in saving the infrastructure cost.

However, employees need to be very careful in regard to virtual meetings because in simple words, you are giving a person a chance to see your home and the activities that take place in your home. Many times we come across incidents when kids of an employee or a family member comes in between the meeting and leaves the employee embarrassed and in some instances, we get to see what a person is seeing on his screen when he forgets to top sharing his screen.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a screenshot from a Google Meet in which a participant was watching Lust Stories 2 on his screen. The Twitter user wrote, “My manager forgot that he is sharing his screen and now we caught him watching Lust Stories 2 during a MEETING.”

Here is the screenshot of the tweet as it has been deleted now.

Soon, Twitterati was flooded with reactions, while some made fun of the manager, few shared their concerns regarding the breach of privacy and there were some who pointed out that Netflix can’t be shared on Gmeet. Check out some selected reactions:

What is your take on this matter? Do let us know.

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