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Man Plans Fake Arrest Before Proposing To Girlfriend For Marriage, Watch


Man Plans Fake Arrest Before Proposing To Girlfriend For Marriage, Watch

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Proposing a girl for marriage is among the hardest things that a man has to do and there are few men in this world who leave no stone unturned in making this event of their lives a memorable one.

However, few of them make it scary for their girlfriend just like Matt Van Vliet who is from New Hampshire. Matt involved the Police Chief of New London, New Hampshire, Edward G. Andersen, in his plans for proposing to his girlfriend Samantha Lobo.

Matt and Samantha were going for a dinner with their friends when they were stopped by police and Matt was asked to show the papers of the car and his driving licence. The police officers were very rude to Samantha as she said, “He was just really rude to me the whole time, so I started, like, crying because I didn’t understand why he was being so mean.”

She was told that an arrest warrant has been issued in the name of her boyfriend. Samantha further said, “I had no idea why. They weren’t answering my questions. They made me step out of the car, too. It was just crazy, the whole experience.”

When Matt was getting handcuffed by the policeman, a small box was found in his pocket and when the police officer asks Matt about it, he takes the ring from the police officer, goes towards Samantha, kneels down and asks her to marry him.

Samantha was crying a lot at that time but she accepted the proposal and now she is Matt’s fiancée. They both have posted a video on YouTube about this extreme proposal:

What would have been your response?

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