Are you being scammed in the Kangen water business opportunity?

People are asking whether the Kangen water business opportunity  is a scam. But the company behind it says that rather than a scam it is a legitimate business opportunity.

Many businesses today recognize the value of network marketing and use it to sell and distribute their goods. Rather than spending large sums of money on television, radio, newspapers, and online advertising, their distributors rely on word of mouth to promote their products.

Instead of going into a store and having a salesperson give you a scripted rundown on a product they don’t own, have never used, or aren’t passionate about, you can buy a Kangen Water Machine from someone who already has one and can provide you with all the information, pros and cons of having one in their home.

As a Kangen Water Distributor, you purchase your own machine to use at home and potentially share with others so they can experience it. This is the only investment required to start a business with Enagic, and it comes with the personal benefit of having water to drink at home from a machine designed to last 25 years. You have not lost if you never sold a machine to anyone else since you have invested in your own family’s health and well-being.

Kangen Distributors have Daily commissions; Direct transfer; Accumulative sales; Six different ways to earn money; Sponsorship and distribution rights on a global scale.

They also have no merchandise to stock, no monthly fees to pay, and no monthly qualifications to meet; no time constraints and no annual renewals.

You receive commission if you to share the water with others and this results in a sale. There are no fees or losses if you do nothing. It’s basically a direct selling business without the costs of a store or inventory.

The company has been in operation for nearly 40 years, so this is not a flash in the pan chance. The machines are medical-grade, built to the greatest standards, and have received various medals and certifications. As a testament to their outstanding quality and health benefits, these machines are used in hospitals throughout Japan.

Kangen Water is being used by families all over the world for its multiple health benefits. Distributors make a business selling Kangen Water Machines from their homes.

Is Kangen a Scam or a Ponzi Scheme?

Kangen Water isn’t a get-rich-quick gimmick. This remark is often circulated on the internet, mainly by competitors who clearly have no idea what a pyramid scheme is or how Enagic works.

The Kangen Water business concept is a multi-level network marketing opportunity, which means you’ll be paid commission by people (distributors) rather than companies when you buy your equipment. They can also establish a sales team and profit from their team members’ sales in the form of commissions and bonuses.

To summarise, the Kangen Business Opportunity is not a scam, but rather a fantastic opportunity for everyone interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle while earning lucrative commissions. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Kangen distributor, please contact us at

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