ITBP’s K9s warrior pups named after strategic Ladakh sectors as salute to troops guarding Indian borders

Ane-la, Galwan, Sasoma, Chip-chap, Saser, Srijap, Charding, Rezang, Daulat, Sultan-chusku, Imis, Rango, Yula, Mukhpri, Chung-Tung are some names that come up during strategic analysis while discussing India’s relationship with China.

These are also the names selected by Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) HQ New Delhi to name the 17 warrior Malinois pups, growing into strong national K9 assets at ITBP’s National Trg Centre for Dogs in Bhanu, near Panchkula.

Fighter K9 mothers Olga and Oleshya have given birth to 17 boisterous Belgian Malinois pups at the ITBP’s elite National Training Centre for Dogs (NTCD) at Bhanu in Panchkula, Haryana. Both mothers are counter-insurgency grid veterans and are enjoying motherhood at the sprawling ITBP K9 Breeding Centre.

ITBP was the first security force to deploy Belgian Malinois dogs in Left-Wing Extremism-hit areas a decade ago, and now they have also started scientifically breeding K9s to meet own demands and provide pups to other CAPFs and State Police Forces as mandated by the MHA.

These dogs first shot to international fame after they assisted US Navy SEALs in the 2011 operation that killed Osama bin Laden in his safe haven in Pakistan and were then famously called the ‘Osama Hunters’.

The force decided to give Indian names to these puppies as a salute to all the troops guarding India’s borders.

And, this batch has got catchy names from the Ladakh sector.

The list of names.

The next batch of pups will be named after all the strategic locations in the Arunachal border, till ITBP covers the entire 3488 km long border from Karakoram to Jechap La, guarded by this elite mountain crack outfit.

By naming these little K9 soldiers with desi names, that too from the areas guarded by the Force, it is for the first time since independence from the British that the K9 wing of the country will acknowledge its legacy and ethos.

The Indian Army and other forces have taken notice of this ITBP initiative and are now scrutinising their maps to emulate this mountain force, raised in the wake of the Chinese aggression in 1962.

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