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Israeli Embassy Criticises ‘Trivialization’ Of Holocaust In Bawaal


Israeli Embassy Criticises ‘Trivialization’ Of Holocaust In Bawaal

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Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor starrer Bawaal may have received praises and love from the audiences but it has also created a controversy because of the use of the words Auschwitz and Hitler in the movie.

In the film, Varun and Janhvi have played the role of a married couple who are facing problems in their marriage, it has been shown that they go on a Europe tour and visit sites of World War 2 including Auschwitz. A fantasy sequence has been shot in the movie in which Varun and Janhvi are shown in Nazi camp dressed in striped pyjamas. The word “Auschwitz” is being compared to marital problems and “Hitler” is used for greedy people.

Naor Gillon, the Israeli ambassador to India, has made a strong tweet in this regard which read, “I did not and will not watch the film Bawaal but from what I’ve read, there was a poor choice of terminology and symbolism. Trivialization of the Holocaust should disturb all. I urge those who don’t know enough about the horrors of the #Holocaust to educate themselves about it.”

The Israel Embassy also expressed their annoyance over this matter as it tweeted, “The Israeli embassy is disturbed by the trivialization of the significance of the Holocaust in the recent movie ‘Bawaal’. There was a poor choice in the utilization of some terminology in the movie, and though we assume no malice was intended, we urge everyone who may not be fully aware of the horrors of the Holocaust to educate themselves about it. Our embassy is constantly working to propagate educational materials on this crucial subject, and we are open to engaging in conversations with all individuals to foster a better understanding of the universal lessons derived from the Holocaust.”

On the other hand, the director of the movie, Nitesh Tiwari said this in an interview, “I’ve kept the incidents and events, which kind of play an important role in the arc of the characters and their relationships in the movie… Every incident has been carefully chosen. World War 2 is humongous, there is so much to say.”

Have you watched Bawaal? What is your opinion in this regard?

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