Is Bigg Boss 14 the dullest Bigg Boss ever?

The craze for Bigg Boss has been over the top since its inception and it has been ruling the TRP charts. However, this season of the controversial reality show went by its tagline – Ab Scene Paltega – quite literally as it failed to garner TRP. Locking up a host of celebs together in a house for three months or so sure leads to a lot of content in the name of entertainment. However, this time the viewers are not too keen on buying it.

Well, what could be the reason that Bigg Boss 14 turned out to be the worst?


Interestingly, contestants like Nikki Tamboli and Eijaz Khan, who have watched the previous seasons of Bigg Boss, feel that the show is all about fights. And that’s what they have been doing since day one. Apparently, the makers forgot that the show is also about creating strong bonds in the house. The audience loves that because who would want to listen to constant bickering for 2.5 hours?

It gets so violent sometimes that contestants start abusing each other, which is beeped out, of course. Why, Aly Goni even started throwing things around the house after he got in a fight with Kavita Kaushik, injuring her elbow. In another instance, Kavita pushed Eijaz during an ugly spat with him.

And who can forget the ugly fight between Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya during a captaincy task. The actress apparently got offended when Rahul tried to convince her to leave the task and threw a major tantrum on the show. She jumped up and down on the sofa, bawled bitterly and flailed her arms in the air – just imagine a child being refused a delicious snack.


In the name of friendships in the house, one of the most popular bond we saw was that of Nikki and evicted contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu – a confused pair who almost seemed to have forcefully entered into this alliance. In one episode, they kiss each other and chill like two long lost best friends, and in another Nikki accuses him of kissing her! We wonder who was more confused by this bond. Jaan backstabs Nikki during task and she, in turn, makes fun of him in front of others behind his back. Yet, they are stuck to each other. It almost makes us wonder if this was done for TRP.

One strong bond we did have in the show was that of Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla, but they have been targeted in the house over and over again.

If you recall, the recent batwara task also looked especially designed to break the friendship between Jasmin and Rubina as Bigg Boss turned them against each other.


Since the very first day, fans have been accusing Bigg Boss 14 of being biased. In fact, Kavita had openly accused host Salman Khan of being biased towards Eijaz in an earlier episode. She said that Salman was “not interested” in listening to her side of the story or understanding her. In the dance to survive task, while the housemates said that they were out because they broke the rules of the task, Salman Khan specifically said that Eijaz was out because of groupism. He was later called out by fans for being biased.

When Farah Khan had entered Bigg Boss 14 as a judge along with two journalists, she made headlines for days after she favoured Eijaz Khan on multiple occasions. Fans bashed her for being ‘an advocate to Eijaz.’

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Diandra also called it out for being biased and tweeted recently saying, “The season isn’t low trp bcoz of bad contestants, it’s a failure bcoz of the makers rubbish concepts, unfair evictions & blatant favouritism. And below the belt & unfair tasks added to it now. Nothing real anymore. Audience has understood now, hence boycotting it!!! #beinghonest (sic).” She called it out for unfair evictions and blatant favouritism.

And while we are on this subject, remember how Sara Gurpal, Shehzad Deol and Nishant Malkani were evicted from the house not due to votes but by mutual decision of housemates and seniors. Hence, the question – why will the viewers be interested in a show that’s running on the whims and fancy of the makers?


Several celebrities have time and again tweeted on social media calling the Bigg Boss 14 show boring. Bigg Boss former contestant Shehnaaz Gill had blatantly said earlier that she was watching the show just because of Sidharth Shukla, who was a senior in the house for two weeks. She said that she would stop watching the show once he exited. Mahira Sharma had rightly said that this season’s contestants were just trying to copy the ones from the previous season.

Producer Sandiip Sikcand had also said, “There is not a single person whose journey seems exciting.” Anita Hassanandani is also not impressed with the new contestants and their performance in the house. Sharing her disappointment earlier, she wrote, “BigBoss14 mein woh baat nai…hoping for it to get better (sic).”


In all, we can say that Bigg Boss 14 was a cringe-fest, a case study on human survival instinct when locked up together, and a testing lab for celebrities when made to live without facilities for once in life. Oh, and a weekly drama of Salman Khan making an appearance on the show to scold the contestants. It was a weird show and had nothing real in the name of reality TV. Come on, who starts dancing on peppy numbers as soon as they wake up in the morning? Open Twitter and there are as many abuses, fights, back-biting, and misogyny there as there are on Bigg Boss 14. Drama is what people want – that is what Bigg Boss 14 was all about.

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