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India’s Policy Is Fusion Of ‘Back To Basics’ And ‘March To Future’, Says PM Modi


India’s Policy Is Fusion Of ‘Back To Basics’ And ‘March To Future’, Says PM Modi

India’s policy is a fusion of ‘back to basics’ and ‘march to future’, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday while addressing the G-20 agriculture ministers’ meeting virtually. 

Throwing light on India’s contribution to the agricultural sector, the Prime Minister said that India is promoting natural farming as well as technology-enabled farming. 

“Farmers all over India are taking up natural farming now,” the Prime Minister said. 

He further added that they are not using synthetic fertilisers or pesticides but their focus is on rejuvenating the mother earth, protecting soil health, producing ‘per drop, more crop’, and promoting organic fertilisers and pest management solutions. 

At the same time, he continued, “Our farmers are proactively using technology to boost productivity and gave the example of generating and using solar power on their farms, the use of soil health cards to optimize crop selection and drones to spray nutrients and monitor their crops.”

Modi expressed the belief that this ‘fusion approach’ is the best way to address several issues in agriculture.

Modi urged the agriculture ministers to deliberate on how to undertake collective action to achieve global food security. He suggested finding ways to build a sustainable and inclusive food system that focuses on marginal farmers and strengthens global fertiliser supply chains. 

He emphasised the need to empower the farmers with innovation and digital technology and make solutions affordable for small and marginal farmers in the global south. 

He also touched upon the urgent need to reduce agricultural and food waste, while investing in creating wealth from waste.

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