I would still be Karnataka CM if JD(S) had allied with BJP, says Kumaraswamy

Missing no opportunity to hit out at Congress leader Siddaramaiah, HD Kumaraswamy on Saturday said he would have still been the chief minister if the JD(S) was allied with the BJP. A former chief minister himself, Kumaraswamy blamed Siddaramaiah for sullying his reputation amongst the people in the state.

“The goodwill I had earned in 2006-2007, over a period of 12 years, I lost everything due to allying with the Congress party. When I stepped down as the chief minister due to a power struggle with the BJP in 2006, I still had a following and the support of the people. After allying with the Congress in 2018, Siddaramaiah and his gang destroyed my reputation. I walked into their trap only because I agreed to the alliance because of Deve Gowda,” HD Kumaraswamy said.

He went on to add that he did not want to hurt his father once again since he (HD Deve Gowda) continues to stick to his secular beliefs which is why he did not want the JD(S) to ally with the BJP.

The son of former prime minister HD Deve Gowda, Kumaraswamy also spoke about the alleged torture he had to undergo and the reason why he shed tears within a month of becoming the chief minister. “Why did I shed tears in just a month’s time after I became CM in 2018? I knew what all was going on. The BJP did not hurt me that way the Congress has to my reputation,” he added.

Kumaraswamy always blamed Siddaramaiah for the fall of the coalition government since the Congress leader still nursed an ambition to become CM again. Kumaraswamy said, “Both Siddaramaiah and Ramesh Kumar had said that what we will gain with Kumaraswamy as the CM. Let BS Yediyurappa become the CM, he will earn a bad name and in 6 month’s time will be thrown out. Siddaramaiah thought he could become CM once more then.”

What has set tongues wagging is the alleged bonhomie between Kumaraswamy and Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa over the past few months. The two have met several times citing constituency-related development projects.

Interestingly, on the day that HD Kumaraswamy made the statement, Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa bumped into former chief minister Siddaramaiah and state Congress unit chief DK Shivakumar at the Belagavi airport.

Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa, former chief minister Siddaramaiah and state Congress unit chief DK Shivakumar at Belagavi airport on Saturday (Photo Credits: Nagarjuna Dwarkanath/India Today)


In 2004, the BJP and JD(S) formed a coalition government in the state. Both leaders had agreed to share power for a period of 20 months each. However, the pact fell apart when Kumaraswamy decided to stay put as the chief minister and the government collapsed in 2008. The BJP then came to power on its own.


With the 2018 Assembly Elections delivering a split verdict, the Congress High Command was quick to being negotiations with the JD(S) to form a coalition government and even stated that Kumaraswamy would be the CM. But the coalition was short-lived when many MLAs from the Congress and JD(S) defected to the BJP. The government collapsed in 2019.

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