Here’s how YouTube will ask users to reconsider posting offensive comments – Times of India

Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube is rolling out a new feature that is aimed at reducing the hateful comments on the platform.
The feature is being first rolled out for Android users and will prompt them to reevaluate their posts in case its algorithm detects it to be offensive.
As per the screenshot provided by the YouTube team, commentators will get a pop up saying, “Keep comments respectful.”

The pop up message will also ask them to review YouTube’s Community Guidelines if they’re not sure whether their comment is appropriate. Alternatively if the message will also come with an option to flag if their algorithm has made a mistake in detecting as potentially offensive.
YouTube says that its algorithm is continuously learning and acknowledges that it may not always get it right.
“Our system learns from content that has been repeatedly reported by users. We hope to learn more about what comments may be considered offensive as we continue to develop it. We know there is more work to be done and this is just a start. We are committed to doing all we can to encourage respectful interactions on YouTube while protecting people from comments that may be considered offensive,” says the company.

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