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Google Maps is soon going to add a feed on its platform — similar to what you see on Facebook — showing its users latest reviews, photos, and posts of places in the Explore tab of the app. Users can like these posts and follow new people and businesses and save locations of places of their choice.
In a blog post, the company said it is introducing this feature in order to make it easier for people to “find updates and recommendations from trusted local sources.”
Users will be able to see new posts from both people and businesses they follow. This feature is being rolled out for both Android and iOS users globally.
The new community feed will appear in the ‘Explore Tab’ — which is the first section on the Google Maps app. Opening this tab and swiping up will show users reviews and ratings, photos, answers to other people’s questions, updated addresses and more.
“The community feed brings together helpful local information and tailors it to your selected interests. For example, if you’ve marked an interest in healthy food or Greek cuisine in your Google Maps food and drink preferences, you’ll see more recommendations, photos and business posts for that type of dining,” said Google.
The feature is already rolling out to users, however, it appears to be rolling out in a staggered manner as we checked for it on both Android and iOS and it doesn’t appear to be live yet.

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