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Internet search giant Google has announced that it is going to make changes in group conversations in Google Chat, starting December 3.
The company is going to make three changes, it announced through a blog post, which are as follows:
* Add and change members
Google has announced that when a new member is added to a conversation, all members will see a message announcing the new member. Also, the new member will be able to see the entire conversation that includes messages sent before they entered the conversation in order to make it easy for them to catch up.
* Different Google Vault retention policy
Google says that while end users can toggle history on and off at the conversation level, it will still give admins the right to control whether to keep chat history for users in their organisation. “Note that these updated group conversations will also respect a different retention policy in Vault. If you set custom Chat retention rules in Google Vault, the scope of coverage will change. Rules set for “All Chat Spaces” (previously known as “All Rooms”) will apply to existing chat rooms, plus updated group messages and group messages that synchronize between Chat and Hangouts,” said Google.
* Compatibility with classic Hangouts
Over the coming weeks, Group conversations in Hangouts—beginning with conversations, followed by message history—will begin to appear in Google Chat. This is said to allow users to move from Hangouts to Chat without losing context. “In addition, 1:1 messages, updated group conversations, and unthreaded rooms from Chat will begin to appear in Hangouts,” added the company.

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