Google Introduces Bard to Counter Rival ChatGPT; Here is How Netizens Reacted

New Delhi: On Monday, Google announced a brand-new chatbot tool called Bard in an apparent effort to take on the popular ChatGPT. The development was first reported by CEO Sundar Pichai during an earnings call a few days prior to the release. In a blog post, Alphabet and the CEO of Google announced that starting on Monday, “trusted testers” will have access to Bard.

According to Google, Bard uses online resources to produce original, excellent responses. LaMDA, Google’s language model built on the Transformer neural network architecture, serves as the brain of Google’s chatbot.

The AI-powered chatbot Google Bard is similar to ChatGPT in that it can conversely respond to a variety of questions. Now, the introduction of this new chatbot has produced a variety of responses. The new chatbot has received many humorous responses on Twitter. Internet users seemed keen to find out which robot will prevail in this duel.

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