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Comments on social media sites and platforms like YouTube can be at times quite hateful in nature. To counter that Google has introduced a new feature on YouTube. Last week, Google published a blog post detailing out the feature which will tell users to be more respectful when they post a comment on any video.
“To encourage respectful conversations on YouTube, we’re launching a new feature that will warn users when their comment may be offensive to others, giving them the option to reflect before posting,” said Google in a blog post.
A pop-up warning will appear when a hateful or negative reference is detected within a comment. The idea is to remind users to keep comments respectful. As of now, the feature will be available on Android devices only with no word on it reaching other platforms. The pop-up, it must be noted, won’t really stop users from posting hateful comments but might give them food for thought on whether they should post it or not.
Google said that comments play a key role in helping creators connect with their community. However, it had got consistent feedback from creators about the issues with quality of comments. “We have been focused on improving comments with the goal of driving healthier conversations on YouTube,” the company further said in the blog post.
The tech giant also revealed that it has invested in technology that helps its systems better detect and remove hateful comments by taking into account the topic of the video and the context of a comment. Since early 2019, Google has increased the number of daily hate speech comment removals by 46 times. “In the last quarter, of the more than 1.8 million channels we terminated for violating our policies, more than 54,000 terminations were for hate speech,” Google revealed.

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