Google Chrome to get improved dark mode in future updates – Times of India

Google is working to improve Chrome’s dark mode for Windows 10 and macOS users. Although the current dark mode works with Windows 10 dark theme, it only changes the colour of top-level user-interface. With the next update, Google is planning to implement the dark mode theme to the entire Chrome web browser.
With the upcoming update, Google will try to make more and more elements of Chrome browser dark including the scrollbars which usually remains light even if the entire website or Chrome’s theme is set to dark. Google is also implementing a new Form Controls Dark Mode with the Chrome browser which will allow webpages to choose whether they want the scrollbars to implement the system-wide dark mode them or not.
Google has confirmed that it is updating WebUIs with support for a complete dark mode in Chrome. The new dark mode is already available in Chrome Canary web browser and it is available for users for a quick hands-on.
In addition to that, Google is also working to implement the dark theme to bookmarks, history, search results and more. The new updated dark theme is speculated to rollout with Chrome 88 update across the globe. However, currently, there’s no confirmation on that part.

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