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Battle royale game Fortnite has got a new quicksand feature that’s turning players invisible, as per a report by GameRant. But mind you, it’s not what it should be doing. The game’s new Season 5 of Chapter 2 has begun and the map now comes with a desert area filled with quicksand that can be used to hide into. But the feature has sprouted a bug of some sort that is making players who go there either invisible or invincible.
Using the quicksand was supposed to match with the hunter theme of the battle royale game, the new season of which revolves around bounty hunters. While the quicksand feature has been introduced to surprise an opponent, it has served more than asked for by granting invisibility. And it gives those permanently too!
While this may be fun for a while before the supposed bug is stomped upon, it can also get frustrating for the serious players. The new season is fresh and it may be the case that some more bugs may surface. Earlier, some of the PlayStation and Xbox players complained of endless loading times that were slowing their games down, which Epic reportedly said would be addressed. Epic is yet to acknowledge this bug in quicksand.
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has officially begun, which means there’s not only been a bunch of changes made to the game, but new bugs and glitches have cropped up too. Not too long ago, players on the PlayStation and Xbox versions reported that they were suffering from seemingly endless loading times, though Epic has assured that it’s looking into it.
Now it has been discovered that another, particularly frustrating bug is ruining matches and it has to do with Fortnite’s new quicksand feature. As a primer for those who may not know, Season 5 seems to be centering itself around bounty hunters, with new mechanics such as using gold bars to recruit allies.
The map now has a new desert area, which is filled with quicksand that players can use to hide themselves in. While players aren’t invincible and can’t use their weapons or build, it matches the “hunter” aesthetic of the season and can be used to get a drop on opponents.
The problem is that, for some reason, some players who use the quicksand can turn invisible permanently or become completely invincible, as demonstrated by a clip on Reddit from frequent dataminer iFireMonkey.
While both of these issues can be entertaining for anyone who manages to trigger the glitch, it ultimately skews the playing field and provides an unfair advantage, allowing for illegitimate wins. What’s more, the comments suggest that it is impacting all versions of the game.
At the time of writing, Epic has yet to acknowledge the issue or include it on the official Trello board, which provides updates to players about bug fixes and such. Hopefully, the problem will be addressed sooner rather than later, though whether it will be a simple fix is anyone’s guess. It’s entirely possible that Epic will need to disable the quicksand feature for a while to get it resolved.
It’s a shame to see the new season already being mired with problems, especially with how well the Galactus event, which acted as the Season 4 finale, went. Possibly the most cinematic Fortnite finale to date, the closure to the Marvel-centric season managed to be Fortnite’s biggest event ever, even crashing Twitch servers due to how popular it was.
Season 5 has also become quite well received by fans thanks to its map changes, as well as it serving as another Star Wars crossover due to the inclusion of the Mandalorian. And with Epic teasing hunters from other universes jumping into the fray, fans are hopeful for other crossovers too.
Fortnite is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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