Fascinated by tractors, children from nearby villages flock to Singhu border, relish langar

Thousands of tractors and protesting farmers have descended on the Singhu border outside Delhi. Over the past seven days, the ongoing agitation has made life very exciting for children living in nearby villages.

Such is the situation that groups of children from the Kundli village can be seen relishing food at the dozens of ‘langars’ organised by agitating farmers at Singhu border.

For the children, this ‘fair-like’ gathering has brought excitement during the coronavirus pandemic. Where on the one hand, they can see elderly men with long beards sitting on tractors with enormous wheels, they are also enjoying the mouth-watering food being served as ‘langar’.

Along with her friends Iram and Laxmi, Rabiya visits the protest site at Singhu border each day. They eat the delicious ‘langar’.

However, the children are clueless about the reason for thousands of people flocking to the outskirts of Delhi. “I came here after asking my mother, I come here every day. People give is something to eat here,” Rabiya told India Today.

Children photographed at the protest site at Singhu border (Photo Credits: Mausami Singh/India Today)

For young Sandeep, this protest site seems like a unique fair because he rarely gets to sit on a tractor in his village. But at Singhu border, he sees hundreds of tractors lined up. He visits the site with an empty bag, enjoys ‘langar’ and returns home with biscuits and oranges. Sandeep told India Today, “I saw a Sikh with four wheels here. My bag is filled with biscuits and water.”

Hema feels that the gathering at Singhu border is part of the fight against the novel coronavirus. “The Sikh uncles have put these up because it will end corona,” Hema said while relishing the ‘langar’ served to her.

Ravi, who came to the protest site with his friends, innocently told India Today, “There is a fight going on here. They have fought with Modi ji which is why tractors are standing her. They are not giving the Sikhs a place that is why.”

For these young children from nearby villages, the agitation is no less than a dream. In truth, the protest site at Singhu border is weaving stories of humanity.

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