Fact Check: Canadian MP Jack Harris, not Kamala Harris, tweeted on farmers’ stir in India

Several Canadian leaders, including their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, extended support to the farmers’ protests in India. The Ministry of External Affairs in response termed Trudeau’s remarks “ill-informed” and “unwarranted”.

Amid this, some social media users are claiming that United States Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has joined the list of world leaders supporting the farmers’ stir in India.

Along with the claim is attached the screenshot of a tweet, purportedly made by Kamala, which says, “We are shocked to see the Indian government’s suppression of farmers protesting new laws which will endanger their livelihood. Instead of using water cannons and tear gas, the Indian government needs to engage in open dialogue with farmers.”

A Facebook user posted the tweet screenshot with the caption, “New Vice President of USA Kamala Harris Support #FarmerProtest people who were upset on the Justin Trudeau statement in support of Farmers, what’s there thoughts now…”

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found that the tweet was posted by Canadian MP Jack Harris and not Kamala Harris.

Several Facebook users have shared the post believing it to be true. The archived version of the viral post can be seen here.

Did Kamala tweet about farmers’ protests?

We did not find any such tweet resembling the viral screenshot or any other post on the farmers’ protests in India on Kamala’s Twitter handle. No archived version was found either. Also, there is no credible media report of Kamala saying anything on the ongoing farmers’ protest.

However, through a tweet on November 27, she had expressed gratitude towards the efforts of the farm workers and the food bank staff to ensure food security.

In the reply section of this tweet, several Indian Twitter users posted pictures of the ongoing farmers’ demonstrations in India.

Truth behind the viral tweet

We found a November 28 tweet by Canadian MP Jack Harris which has the exact text as the viral tweet in Kamala’s name.

The viral tweet shows the date and time as November 28 and 12.45 am, the exact date and time Jack Harris made the tweet. It is unlikely that Kamala copied the entire text out of Jack’s tweet and posted it from her Twitter account at exactly the same time.

Therefore, it is clear that a tweet made by Canadian MP Jack Harris has been morphed and passed off as Kamala Harris’s support to protesting farmers in India.

ClaimKamala Harris has condemned the Indian government’s handling of the ongoing farmers’ protests. ConclusionA morphed version of Canadian MP Jack Harris’s tweet is being shared in the name of Kamala Harris.


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