DJ Raahyl; electrifying the nightlife in UAE with Indian chords

Tune in to the story of musical success and passion

The three things one wishes to achieve the most in one’s career are to be renowned, go abroad and achieve fame while young. One such prodigy is Rahil Mestry, popularly known as DJ Raahyl. One of the youngest achievers pepping up the Bollywood nightlife in UAE and being amongst well-known names of the Industry.

DJ Raahyl is becoming a sensational figure also by inspiring the fans of fame to embark on this journey of musical marvels. He recalls a time back in 2012 when he started attending parties and concerts in Pune, the life there sparked a deepened interest. A young Rahil pictured himself in the limelight performing, and the vision over the years became turned into reality. The young boy of 16 nurtured his passion to learn Music Production and the art of DJing to become a famous name.

Despite the hardships, DJ Raahyl never thought of turning back or betraying his love for music. Commencing with some of the shows in India wasn’t gruelling but after a big decision of shifting to Dubai in 2015, the unfathomable began. The most perplexing task at hand was understanding a completely new market with a definite set of skills for a particular culture. The process was tolling but that was the test of putting passion and comfort, success and acceptance at crossroads. It was up to a young man yet to become a prodigy what future he chooses for himself.

Passion won the battle and DJ Raahyl stayed first to perform for private events in Dubai which granted him a successful entry into the Clubs and eventually the Bollywood Nightlife. Soon the newcomer in the industry became a trusted, top-notch performer in the Dubai Clubs. At the age of 25, DJ Raahyl is living the peak of his dream and who knows what heights he is yet to discover. Playing in the finest clubs in UAE and being the most prominent and celebrated DJ all over the UAE.

The stardom didn’t end there, considering each of his shows with a happy audience as his achievement DJ Raahyl has also got some big moments in his life. The pleasure in his demeanour was unmatched while talking about his nominations for the Top 25 DJs in Asia’s Category by EDMDroid in 2020 and for the category of Most Fashionable DJs in UAE in 2020. Apart from these having performed for an audience above 5K in the world’s biggest event; EXPO 2020 Dubai 5 consecutive times.

The struggles paid off with an experience of performing with artists such as Shankar, Ehsan, Loy, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal and more. ‘There is no shortcut to long term success’ says the 25-year-old star of UAE. He believes that struggles are inevitable and to achieve one has to keep pushing themselves out of the comfort zones toward passion. DJ Raahyl has always been a perfect blend of hard work and dedication and with his ‘never-give-up’ attitude he managed to overcome every downfall. His positive attitude has got him far and he will keep treading new milestones with it.

‘I feel this is just the beginning of my journey and still, there is a long way to go!’ – DJ Raahyl

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