Diandra Soares calls Bigg Boss 14 a fake reality show after 5 evictions in one episode

Bigg Boss 14 is in its Finale Week now and evictions in the house have started. In tonight’s episode, one among Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni would be evicted as well. Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Diandra Soares took to her Twitter account and reposted a series of tweets showing her displeasure at such rapid evictions.


Replying to a fan’s tweet regarding evictions not happening by votes, Diandra Soares said that the makers of Bigg Boss 14 already knew who they wanted as the winner and rest of the contestant were just there as decorations. She also called BB 14, as rubbish fake reality show as nothing was real anymore.

Diandra wrote, “Yup. Because they already know who they want to push ahead for winner. Rest are all decorations !!!!!!! Rubbish fake reality show. Nothing real anymore & votes don’t matter either (sic).”

Another fan had tweeted, “And the same then participate year long in their other shows n win those too. It’s like all colors colors colors. Where is diversity like what it had before. May be they should stop take a break. Come up on another channel with a new team n perspective for sure (sic).” Diandra retweeted and replied that she agreed with it. She also wrote that there was no real in reality TV anymore.

Diandra wrote, “Got to agree. @ColorsTV @BiggBoss team. Yoohoo wakey wakey. No REAL IN REALITY TV anymore (sic).”

A fan tweeted, “Scene palatne k naam pr poora show palat k rakh diya…ki trp bhi gir gyi (sic).” Diandra retweeted it as well and wrote, “Their brains have paltaoed!!!!! (sic),” taking a dig at BB 14’s tagline Ab Scene Paltega.

In another tweet, Diandra wrote that she curses herself for watching Bigg Boss this year and then blames it on self-quarantine boredom. She then accuses the show of favoritism, manipulation and making fools out of contestants and audience.

Diandra wrote, “Omg I skipped all these past years Too. And am cursing myself for watching this year. Self quarantine boredom I think. Ugh. Might honestly stop tho. Its annoying me the blatant favouritism& overall manipulation, and making fools out of contestants n audience too (sic).”

In the previous episode, Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin lost the task and were asked to decide among themselves who would be leaving the show. According to reports, Aly would be evicted tonight. Diandra however said that the makers manipulated the task according to their convenience.

She wrote, “This was bound to happen. As #aly was only on a limited time contract with channel (he has been heard discussing it in live) & he came just for #jas so he had to go. So yet again makers manipulated this task as per convenience. #allunfair #manipulation #nonsense (sic).”


In the task in the previous Bigg Boss 14 episode, the housemates were divided in pairs and they had to answer some harsh questions posed to them by their fellow contestants. If they didn’t answer, they will be at the risk of elimination. It had to be completed in a limited time span (37 minutes per team). The task was named Tap A Time as at the end of the round, Bigg Boss would announce the time each team took to finish the task.


When Aly Gony and Jasmin Bhasin took the podium, Kavita Kaushik and Nikki Tamboli completely overwhelm the two with some really biting questions to which they reply successfully. Nikki told Jasmin that she had no stand of herself and only did what Aly said. Kavita asked Jasmin, “When Aly gets married will you be stealing his shoes or will you be the bride.” To this Jasmin replied, “I will decide then.” Kavita then said that she was keeping herself on standby. Kavita also targeted Aly for calling her ‘neech aurat’. Kavita asked Jasmin which side of her was real – the sweet one or the bold one.

Since Jasmin and Aly were the farthest from the target, they got in the danger zone. Bigg Boss then asked the duo to mutually decide who will leave the BB 14 house.


After Bigg Boss’s announcement, Jasmin and Aly shared a very emotional time. The duo were seen crying inconsolably as they didn’t want to lose each other in the game. Aly was seen telling Jasmin that he is ready to leave because he has won her and needs nothing else now. Jasmin kept crying and said that she did not want to play the game without him. However, Aly said, “I entered the BB 14 to see you win Jasmin.” To which Jasmin said, “You win the game.”

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