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Delhi Govt Gives Nod To Food Truck Policy


Delhi Govt Gives Nod To Food Truck Policy

Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, has given in-principle approval to the food truck policy for better management and promotion of the street-food industry in the national capital. 

According to information, by bringing together various cuisines, the policy would establish food hubs all throughout Delhi, fostering economic growth and enhancing the position of the high-potential food sector. 

A statement released by the Chief Minister’s office informed, “Recognising the immense potential of the food truck industry, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal emphasised the positive impact it would have on employment generation and the economy as a whole. With the policy’s implementation, citizens of Delhi will have the delightful opportunity to relish a diverse range of delicacies even during late hours, adding to the city’s dynamic gastronomic landscape.” 

Through this policy, the government’s commitment to ensuring the appearance, sanitsation, and hygiene of the food-truck stations was made clear, according to Delhi‘s Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Atishi Marlena.

The policy will be implemented across 16 locations in Delhi in the first stage, which will then be replicated across the capital city. The state government aims at establishing Delhi as the ‘Food Truck Capital’ , even as the government helps to generate employment, promote entrepreneurship, uplift the food culture and bring together cuisines from different places, thus adding more buzz to the nightlife in the capital. 

“The Food Truck Policy prioritises the maintenance and upkeep of these food hubs, with the responsibility for their operation and maintenance entrusted to a designated agency. This agency will ensure the cleanliness and proper organisation of the food hubs and also ensure that all food trucks operate exclusively within the government-designated food hubs,” the release added.

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