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Crowd Directs ‘Virat Kohli’ Chants At Naveen-ul-Haq, LSG Star Gestures Them To Shout Louder. Watch | Cricket News


Crowd Directs ‘Virat Kohli’ Chants At Naveen-ul-Haq, LSG Star Gestures Them To Shout Louder. Watch | Cricket News

Naveen-ul-Haq gestures as crowd chants Virat Kohli’s name.© Twitter

Naveen-ul-Haq and Virat Kohli seem to have some sort of intricate connection. Right from the day, Royal Challengers Bangalore star Virat Kohli had an on-field altercation with Lucknow Super Giants pacer Naveen during an IPL 2023 match in Lucknow at the start of this month, almost everything that the duo does, especially on social media, has been connected by fans to that incident. During a RCB-Mumbai Indians match recently, Naveen posted a photo of mangoes and even that got connected with that incident.

In a video that has been widely shared on social media, Naveen can be seen being the subject of sledging by spectators who can be heard chanting ‘Kohli, Kohli’. The giant screen in Naveen’s background shows a Mumbai Indians batter. hence, it can be presumed that the video was taken at the Ekana cricket stadium in Lucknow during MI’s game against LSG. To the ‘Kohli, Kohli’ chants  Naveen even reacts and gestures the crowd to shout louder.

Recently, in a video shared by the Lucknow Super Giants, Naveen was asked about a ‘sledging incident’ that took place in his career, the Afghanistan pacer spoke recalled an event from a First Class game. Naveen, in a chat with LSG teammate Avesh Khan, was in splits when the question over ‘sledging’ came up.

Avesh Khan: Your favourite sledge on the cricket field which is done by you or someone else?

Naveen-ul-Haq: I have never seldged anyone at first, that’s not my habit. There was a First Class game where I was at the non-striker’s end with whom I had a bit of a sledging incident. The guy fielding at slip position was recently married. He asked us to finish the game quickly as it was the last wicket. He said he needed to go home because of some work. That is one sledging incident I remember from the First Class Game.

Avesh Khan: This was a funny incident but what about a serious one.

Naveen-ul-Haq: Serious one never happened.

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