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Climate-related Policies Must Take Inclusive, Equitable Gender Approach: Smriti Irani


Climate-related Policies Must Take Inclusive, Equitable Gender Approach: Smriti Irani

Climate-related policies must take an inclusive, equal and equitable gender approach, said Union Minister Smriti Irani on Thursday in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. 

While speaking at the Women’s 20 (W20) summit, he reiterated women’s role in climate-resilient action as a key focus of G-20 under India’s presidency. 

“Climate change and gender are inextricably linked and women should be at the heart of climate justice as women and children are most at risk of climate change, which was reflected in the UN report in 2018 which stated that 80 per cent of those displaced due to climate change have been women,” she added. 

The minister stated that discourse on digital gender equality should entail not just access to digital training but also focus on the inherent gender bias in the coding of technology and technology products. 

She expressed hope that the W-20 forum should facilitate discussion on gender bias in coded technology and technological products to enable the breaking out of inherent barriers to access to technology. 

Further, there should also be a discourse on artificial intelligence as an opportunity through the gender lens and discussions on technology should also be focussed on what AI brings for women across the world.

In the keynote address, the minister also underlined the importance of deliberations around the care economy. 

“As part of women-led development, a focus on care services would reflect the creation of 300 million additional jobs, out of which over 80 per cent would be helmed by women,” she added.

The minister concluded her address by reiterating that India’s presidency is committed to the objective of women-led development.

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